130 Aerodrome Road

Hindmarsh Property Services

17 Nov 130 Aerodrome Road

As I recall, Neil Blinman first contacted me after receiving a mail out brochure back in 2001. They had purchased the freehold of the Pizza Hut 10 years or so previously and were now faced with the prospect of an empty building. The tenant had a new format and was not going to extend the Lease.

We put the property up for Lease or Sale, but had little interest given Pizza Hut were on their way out. Being the same precinct as the project undertaken at 107 Aerodrome Road, I had a fair idea what was possible. I took the job to Brad Read Design and discussed the options of redevelopment or working with what was already there. The later proved to be far more desirable as to start from scratch would entail compliance with all new requirements including a far wider driveway.

Extending the building out to the street was exactly what the Council wanted to activate the frontage. It also gave us the opportunity to increase the leasable area and sharpen the appearance of the premises with something new and attractive. A rare attribute was the relatively large number of carparks that Pizza Hut had on site. This opened up a lot of possibilities.

From memory Bendigo Bank originally inquired off our sign on 107 Aerodrome Road, which we had recently leased. I walked them along the street and went through what we had planned. They liked it. The car parks we had onsite would be sufficient for a Bank Use.

As the agreement to lease (10 years) was being finalised, Brad Read Design completed the building application drawings, whilst other engaged consultants worked on the structural, civil, hydraulics and landscape design.

Bendigo Bank’s lease commenced in February 2004 roughly 2 years after we first got involved with the property.

We went on to manage the property for years before negotiating a sale to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. The site has become part of the entry to the new CBD being developed in Maroochydore.