29 Caloundra Road

Hindmarsh Property Services

12 Nov 29 Caloundra Road

I had been managing 126 Bulcock Street for Jeff and Amanda Southwell for some years before Jeff asked me to take a look at the vacant land at 29 Caloundra Road. They owned this in partnership with another party at the time. Drawings had been prepared by an Architect for a showroom use.

The project was submitted to Council for a material change of use application. I took the drawings around several businesses in the area and eventually landed on strong interest from Reece Plumbing. Their preference was to buy the site, but when this did not prove possible, they agreed to Lease a 600 sqm building shell, opting to do all the fitout themselves.

Reece put us onto building designers who also handled all the engineering design as well. The project was soon submitted for amendment to the MCU, as well as building approval.

We put the job out to tender and went on to manage the project through to the lease commencing during December of 2007.

We have gone on to manage the property for the Owners.