Forum Centre

Hindmarsh Property Services

13 Nov Forum Centre

37 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction

The Dimmick family own five out of the six titles in this strata titled complex.

The centre was very run down with constant roof leaks when we took over. We arranged a special levy through the body corporate manager to replace the roof as it was beyond repair.

We then planned up further improvements focussed on the buildings frontage but also incorporating the removal of asbestos based fibro sheeting and upgrades to the toilets.

The job was put out to tender. The prices received were put to an extraordinary meeting of the body corporate and a further special levy struck to cover the $39,000 job plus other costs and contingencies.

With the works complete and the contingency untouched, the body corporate then approved further improvements to the frontage which entailed the replacement of the upstand tiles below the glass.