Hindmarsh Property Services staff

In this heavily regulated and litigious world our property management services must entail much more than just collecting rents and outgoings. Those that seek us out are often accumulators, but when they do decide to sell we are there to handle the process seamlessly right through to the completion of the sale and transfer of the Leases. We are often tasked by our clients with project managing improvements and even seeking out further acquisition opportunities.

Here at Hindmarsh Property Services, we pride ourselves on keeping a close eye on detail for everyone. We will contact you promptly if we pick up something that is not as we believe it should be. Service Providers, Tenants and Owners need to act responsibly.

Lease Management & Leasing

  • Send monthly tax invoices and receipt rents and recoverable outgoings to our trust account.
  • Maintain recoverable outgoings records to auditable standard. Reconcile recoverable outgoings at year’s end and prepare budgets.
  • Monitor and undertake rent reviews including reviews to market when necessary.
  • Monitor Tenant’s insurance.
  • Market any vacancies including preparation and distribution of quality brochures, plus list on web (small extra charge).
  • Distribute details of any vacancies to other Agents. In most cases we offer other agents all (that is 100%) of the leasing commission should they come up with a tenant.
  • Monitor the exercise of Options.
  • Maintain detailed Tenancy Schedules and provide information to Owner and their consultants when required.
  • Liaise with Owner’s Solicitor, Accountant, Valuer & Bank as required.
  • Chase Tenant arrears. If necessary establish payment plans in consultation with the Owner.

Disburse Owners and Service Providers

  • Disburse funds to Owners and SP twice monthly (nominally 10th and after last day of month)
  • Send Owners and SP easy to follow statements (post or email)

Maintenance/ Repairs/ Cleaning & Compliance

  • Obtain quotes from Service Providers (SP).
  • Issue work orders to SP.
  • Monitor work of SP and generally pay their tax invoices.
  • Keep a register of pre-qualified SP monitoring their insurance, WorkCover and licenses (where required).

Thorough inspections of tenancies and common area take place every 6 months (approx.)