Leasing & Sales

Hindmarsh Property Services is focused squarely on filling vacancies as quickly as possible. To this end we have the unique policy of offering the participating agent network 100% (all) of the leasing commission if they present a tenant.

We send out quality colour brochures monthly and support our colleagues as required.  In this way the ‘net’ to find a tenant, is effectively spread far wider.

In most cases we find replacement tenants ourselves through our proven and affordable marketing strategies, coupled with access to our extensive databases. Existing tenant of ours are often keen to expand and are also a great source of quality leads.

Whilst our clients do tend to be accumulators, we none-the-less keep them up-to-date with changing values, pass on all enquiries and are there for them to professionally market their property when they are ready to sell.

Once again, our large property management portfolio is useful as it gives us intimate access to many high net-wealth investors.


1 Kensington Drive – Minyama

Kensington DriveThis is a retail and medical centre built in the late 1980s. The owners gave HPS the management of their extensive portfolio about 2007.

This is another example of a centre that was showing its age.

Firstly we called tenders and had the roof replaced. This fixed a myriad of leaks that were starting to annoy the tenants, largely a result of their poorly fitted roof mounted equipment, I might add. We took the opportunity to relocate virtually all the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment from the roof to the back wall. It is much easier to waterproof around services passing through a wall rather than through roof cladding. The best policy is to keep foot traffic off roofs as much as possible.

The AC units to the medial centre were replaced at the same time and roof access improved.


Kensington Drive

1 Kensington Drive, BEFORE


1 Kensington Drive, AFTER