1 Kensington Drive, Minyama

1 Kensington Drive AFTER

23 Oct 1 Kensington Drive, Minyama

This is a retail and medical centre built in the late 1980s. The owners gave HPS the management of their extensive portfolio about 2007.

This is another example of a centre that was showing its age.

Firstly we called tenders and had the roof replaced. This fixed a myriad of leaks that were starting to annoy the tenants, largely a result of their poorly fitted roof mounted equipment, I might add. We took the opportunity to relocate virtually all the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment from the roof to the back wall. It is much easier to waterproof around services passing through a wall rather than through roof cladding. The best policy is to keep foot traffic off roofs as much as possible.

1 Kensington Drive AFTER

1 Kensington Drive, AFTER

Kensington Drive

1 Kensington Drive, BEFORE

The AC units to the medial centre were replaced at the same time and roof access improved.

Unfortunately this was one roof that showed no signs of hail damage, so no insurance claim was possible this time. The cost of replacing this roof was about $85k.

Next we planned up the replacement of the pylon sign. It had apparently taken a direct lightning strike before we took over the property. Our main concern was the rust eating away at the support posts. Braggs signs came up with a contemporary design for a new pylon which the owners liked. The frame is hot-dip galvanised and light-boxes LED. The cost of the new pylon sign and footing came in at around $47k.

Here was another centre with tenants out of control with signage.

With this project we fitted a powder-coated aluminium batten fascia 1200mm deep. After talking to a few contractors, we settled with Regency Fabrication. The tenant’s signs were removed and aluminium brackets fitted for line and height to the awning posts. At quieter times the fabricated batten panels were lifted into place and secured with minimal disruption. ACM signage panels were fitted to the fascia such that it was very clear to the tenants the area allocated to them.

The cost of the new fascia was around $33k.

To finish the transformation we had a mosaic harlequin design painted on the end wall of the building. This is in keeping with the style and colours of the new pylon sign.