177 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

177 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

23 Oct 177 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

Unfortunately BlockBuster Video walked away from the tenancy after the end of their Lease. Another casualty of the internet disruptor.

The Civil Engineers who had been leasing the whole of the upstairs were lured away to a rent free deal of new Premises in Maroochydore. As such we suddenly were faced with a vacant building.

The Owners agreed action had to be taken to increase the appeal of the centre.

177 Brisbane Road BEFORE

177 Brisbane Road, BEFORE

177 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

177 Brisbane Road, AFTER

The roof was replaced on a hail damage claim. This entailed moving aside the 22 solar panels and refitting them. The subject centre was one of 5 buildings we had fitted with a 5kw PV at the time the State Government were promoting their net feed-in tariff deal. There hasn’t been anything as good since.

At the time of replacing the roof the air-conditioning equipment was relocated onto the rear concrete awning and the mounting frame removed. Just too many opportunities for leaks around such structures and AC gear on a roof. Besides we were keen to keep regular foot traffic off the new roof as is best policy.

The building was given a new paint job to a contemporary colour scheme.

A financial planner committed to half the upstairs. There was some reconfiguration required around the central toilets. A Yoga studio took the balance of the upper area.

The lower level was broken up into 3 spaces.

We are certain the renovations were key to attracting the new tenants that filled the vacant centre.