28 Maud Street, Maroochydore

Maud Street

23 Oct 28 Maud Street, Maroochydore

This was the first property of a major portfolio HPS took over back in about 2006, or more particularly we were presented with the challenge that if we could find a Tenant for the derelict upstairs office at the back, we could manage them.

Through a stroke of genius (mostly good-luck), we met a group of young women over the following week that had recently started a monthly local music magazine called Tsunami. The “grunge” of the space appealed to them. They leased it as it was and went on to stay for several years.

As Town Planning schemes came and went or were amended, it became apparent this particular precinct was in for some significant change.


28 Maud Street, BEFORE

Maud Street

Maud Street, AFTER

A national property developer went to contract to purchase the Horton Park Golf Course directly over the western boundary fence. The Town Planning scheme was tweaked further to accommodate a new CBD for the emerging key regional centre.

The year 2008 brought the GFC and the unravelling of the developers plans to transform the golf course lands.
After several other groups looked at the project and walked away, Council had little choice but to buy Horton Park themselves.

The Town Planning Scheme by then literally depended on it.

Shortly after this we renovated the original upstairs space and moved Hindmarsh Property Services in during 2014. Since then we have seen a great deal happen outside our windows.

Council purchased then demolished the adjoining Dolphin Centre at corner of Aerodrome Road and Maud. A new access road has been punched through from Aerodrome Road into the new CBD. Major works have been undertaken to these intersections.

Along this journey we negotiated a swap deal with Council to give up the sites access easements through to Aerodrome Road in exchange for more land. That has increased the size of 28 Maud St significantly and given it a much better redevelopment shape.

The outcome is an enviable number of onsite car parks for now. We also tried to purchase further land to the west that would give 28 Maud frontage in the new CBD. We undertook some concept design and a feasibility study for a hypothetical redevelopment to 12 storeys. Unfortunately the construction of a service road has stopped us from expanding in that direction, but 28 Maud has still become an important gateway site at the entrance to the new CBD.

O’Brien Glass decided they had no reason to remain in what was evolving into the central business district, so they relocated to an industrial park. We relet that space initially to an auto electrician and then to a martial-arts gym.

The decision has been made to take a longer term view of the existing improvements on the site and trick-them-up in keeping with the emerging profile of the location. Garden beds have been re-established, the building has been repainted which HPS premises featuring a contemporary mosaic harlequin design. A planter box with cascade palms has been fitted to our entry balcony which nicely breaks up that elevation.

We are perfectly placed to play a key role in the development of the new Central Business District over the next few decades.