57 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore

57 Aerodrome Road, AFTER

23 Oct 57 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore

The improvements on this land were preleased for a “Night-Owl” convenience store and “BlockBuster Video”, before construction in the early 90’s.

HPS took over the management as part of a portfolio about 2007.

Unfortunately the internet disruptor overtook “Blockbuster” during 2013, such that they did not renew their Lease and vacated.

We eventually relet the street corner tenancy for a RipCurl outlet. They totally transformed their part of the building with their Lessee’s Works. This entailed constructing a deep fascia around the awning line. They have complemented this with high-quality full colour back-lit signage.

57 Aerodrome Rad, BEFORE photo

57 Aerodrome Road, BEFORE

57 Aerodrome Road, AFTER

57 Aerodrome Road, AFTER

Sadly the tenant of the convenience store came to us early in 2017 saying things were not working out. Despite the initiatives she was taking, the competition from the proliferating and easily accessible supermarkets was just too much.

We started marketing the premises immediately and were soon preparing an offer of Lease for an existing tenant of ours. They were keen to add another Japanese Restaurant to their emerging chain.

The agreed Lessor’s Works included upgrading the toilet facilities to disabled standards to support the changed use.

This Lessee’s Works together with that undertaken by Rip Curl have culminated in a total transformation to the buildings’ appearance.