7 Charles Ct, Kunda Park

7 Charles Street, Kunda Park

23 Oct 7 Charles Ct, Kunda Park

With the widening of Maroochydore Rd, this 295 sqm industrial building had suddenly become highway frontage. Sadly though the design was still only good enough for the back-blocks.

We approached Transport and Main Roads and without much trouble secured approval to extend a feature awning over the road-reserve. We thought they may allow this, as it is fairly standard practice along the likes of Aerodrome Rd in Maroochydore.

A skilled boiler-maker we know that works on power-station shutdowns was on a break and keen to fabricate the light-weight SHS duragal modules that would be the frame for the awning. He set himself up in the shed and made a “jig” that would simplify the manufacture process and also result in a high standard of consistency between the modules. They had to be kept reasonably small so they could be lifted into place as utilising a crane would have proved difficult.

7 Charles Ct, BEFORE

7 Charles Street, Kunda Park

7 Charles Ct, AFTER

Once fixed to the building a metal roof was fitted to the top and face and soffits clad with ACM.

We also took the opportunity to fit further ACM panels in strategic areas where a Tenant would want signage and in some locations also added down lights on timers to display the signs. The final touch was a feature aluminium screen across the windows.

We repainted externally and internally and refurbished throughout.

HPS and the building Owner were very happy with the outcome.

In total the project cost $56k.