Dalby Central Shopping Centre, Dalby

Dalby Shopping Centre

23 Oct Dalby Central Shopping Centre, Dalby

Shortly after starting to trade as Hindmarsh Property Services (circa 2000), we took over management of the recently completed Dalby Central and Pacific Haven Shopping Centres for developers, Reed Property Group.

About that time we sold Pacific Haven to an investor that we still manage the centre for today.

Even back then there had already been a long association with Reed. Our founder Ken Hindmarsh had sold Harry Reed what was probably their first commercial development project during the early 90’s. That was a package of land, approved design and agreement to Lease for a new office building to be developed for Telstra on Beach St in Maroochydore.

Dalby Central was then anchored by a Franklins Supermarket, but overtime that transitioned to a Woolworths when Franklins shut down their Australian operations. During our time we leased up the last of the 11 specialty shops opening onto the air-conditioned mall.

HPS managed Dalby Central for about 3 years before selling it to the Mc Conaghy Group who eventually went on to undertake a major expansion.